Board game

Nasty Neighbors

A game of pills and next-door nuisances


Family friendly game inspired by real neighborhood life.

Nasty Neighbors Board Game Box

A dynamic game of strategy, observation, humor, and luck… everything you need to stay sane with bad neighbors.

In short

Eliminate all the neighbors, but watch out for unexpexted twists, and hopefully, your nerves will undure the stress.


In this game, players are neighbors in an apartment building. However, living in a crowded block can test your nerves, especially when you have Nasty Neighbors.

As neighbors attack your nerves, you’ll pop pills to keep your cool. However, take too many and you’ll be eliminated.

Your goal is to get rid of all the other neighbors and be declared “Lord of the Building!”

Nasty Neighbors - card game

If a neighbor runs out of pills, their nervous system can’t take the stress – they are forced to leave the building.

In the end, there is only one survivor… or NONE!

How to play

Easy to learn, face-paced game with great replayability.

Download the rulebook

All cards contain unique illustrations and proverbs. The wooden pills are divided into different colors. Custom dice with three rolling options.

Our story

In the beginning of 2019, Miroslav Garigov and Krasimir Dimitrov took part in Plovdiv Game Jam. There, the idea for Nasty Neighbors was born, and the game won “The Public Award for Best Board Game.

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Board game

Nasty Neighbors

A game of pills and next-door nuisances


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